Quick, they’re after us!

I’m at that bit of the first draft.

The bit that I find the hardest.

That part from The Middle to The Beginning Of The End. (The End I usually have in mind from the opening page, so I’m generally OK by then.)

The initial flurry of getting the ideas down and enjoying all that lovely setting up has passed and now it’s the hard slog of making it all pay. It is The Grind. And it’s this part where I tend to think all those creeping negative thoughts along the lines of ‘This is rubbish. Why am I bothering? Who’s going to read this? Who am I kidding? I should give up and breed goldfish’. You know how it is.

Apparently, as my husband laughingly told me on our walk this morning, this happens every time I write something. Only I forget.

I like to remember the ‘I’m in the flow’, and the ‘I’ve finished’ moments, rather than that middling, struggling, hard won series of moments in between. Funny, that. But I guess this selective memory means I keep coming back for more, so it’s probably a good thing in the end.

But, I do often wonder how to get my backside to stay on the chair through those times – you know, to fight to the other side.

Here are some things I try:

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