What A Day! Nosy Crow Conference 2014 My Highlights

My head is still buzzing from Nosy Crow’s one-day conference ‘Everything You Wanted to Know about Children’s Publishing – But Were Afraid to Ask’.

All I can say is, it’s amazing what you can deliver in a day!

It was an incredibly friendly, motivational event packed with useful info, practical tips and advice, as well as some truly inspirational speakers. Ever get the feeling I enjoyed it?!

It’s hard talking about highlights in a day that was crammed with great speakers, but here are two of mine.

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SCBWI Agents’ Party – Why it’s worth feeling the fear and doing it anyway

This time last year I was madly practising my elevator pitch for ‘Phoenix Fire’, my middle grade contemporary fantasy, in preparation for the SCBWI Agents’ Party.

And wondering how on earth I was going to stand in front of an agent and actually get the words to come out in a sensible intelligible order! Every time I tried to pitch to my husband I started well enough and then got tied up in knots and seemed to peter out with a lot of sort of…you know… um… well the thing is…

I very nearly decided that launching myself into a room full of fierce looking agents was really not the best idea and I’d be much better off staying at home and reading about how it all went on Twitter.

But I didn’t.

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