Why I owe the postman an apology

I’ve got a bit of an admission to make. I think I have an Author Crush. I haven’t felt this way since David Almond.

I only recently read ‘Rooftoppers’ by Katherine Rundell, despite all the buzz last year about the book and its author. I’m not sure why I didn’t read it back then, perhaps it was just the wilful (middle-grade) child in me that never wanted to jump on a bandwagon for the latest book/film/fashion…

Anyway I finally did read ‘Rooftoppers’ – and of course immediately understood what everyone had been raving about.

This book sings.

It had me at Hello – well at the first line, which is the equivalent.

Who can’t fail to be at the mercy of that wonderful opening? A baby in a cello case, floating in the English Channel.

And when Katherine describes Charles for the first time: ‘Think of night-time with a speaking voice. Or think how moonlight might talk, or think of ink, if ink had vocal chords.’

That was it, for me.

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Middle Grade Strikes Back

Have you heard about MGStrikesback yet? It’s a collection of writers and bloggers who are just a teeny bit excited about middle grade books. In fact, there is a whole lot of love going on. If you want reviews, interviews, guest posts, competitions, Top Ten Tuesdays, book birthdays, articles and much much more then head on over and check it out.

Maybe you want to hear what children say about what they read?

Or where authors get their ideas from?

Or why authors love writing for kids?

Go on then, get yourselves over there!

(Oh and I’m one of the contributors too : ))

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