Top Picks of 2015

Top Ten lists are tough! But this month over at Middle Grade Strikes Back we are sharing our highlights of 2015. It’s definitely been a good year, and there are many many more I could have added. I’ve also read a lot of books not necessarily released this year – so new to me –  that I would love to mention. So I will just add a couple here. Plus I want to mention some YA books that I’ve loved.

The Wolf Brother series by Michelle Paver – now a firm family favourite. And the audio books read by Sir Ian McKellan are fantastic and have been a life saver on long journeys this year.

The Tulip touch by Anne Fine. An oldie but – Oh My – a goodie. Knocked my socks off.

YA Books 

Close Your Pretty Eyes     Sally Nicholls

I thought this was incredible. An atmospheric and downright creepy story about Olivia who has been in care since she was 5 and is just starting her sixteenth placement in an old secluded farmhouse. She discovers the house was home to a notorious Victorian baby farmer and fears her new family are in danger. Brilliantly written. Tense.  Dark, with an unnerving sense that it will go really dark. And an ending that totally delivered.

Ketchup Cloud   Annabel Pitcher

I love Annabel Pitcher’s writing.  Really strong voice and great writing about guilt.

Jenny Valentine –  This year I discovered Jenny Valentine (I know it takes me time to catch on sometimes!) So, I have devoured pretty much all she’s written. She writes really unusual stories. Very philosophical and honest. I loved these!

Fire Colour One 

Finding Violet Park

The Double Life of Cassiel Roadknight

Broken Soup


Now is Good    Jenny Downham

I enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, but this book was in a different league, I thought.  Moving and heartwrenching. Beautifully written. Authentic. And I loved that the main character was so honest and flawed.

One   Sarah Crossnan

I’m such a big fan of Sarah’s work. Her characters are some of the most well-drawn I’ve come across. This story is about conjoined twins and is written in verse.  And it’s beautiful.  A fragile story and a fragile form.

Deep Water   Lu Hersey

This is a contemporary story with a twist. Taking in folktales and myth. Superb writing and a great story.

Anyway I could be here all day at this rate! So I shall leave it there. Please do add your own recommendations from your reading year to the comments below – not that I need my TBR list to get any bigger! If you need me I shall be in here …

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