Mango and Bambang – A Review

Mango and Bambang, by Polly Faber and Clara Vulliamy, is one of those books that not only sings to you from the bookshelf – but when I reached the end I got the immediate urge to cuddle it. (I’m sure I can’t be the only one who does this with books?)

It’s a collection of four stories about a little – but very capable – girl who one day finds a rather shy tapir on her way home. She sets about making him feel at home in the very busy city. And the two friends soon find themselves on some wonderful adventures.

So here are some of the things I LOVE about Mango and Bambang.

The names, title and cover!

How could anyone walk past that gorgeous combination?

The story telling

Each story satisfies the reader much like a plate of those delicious banana pancakes! You can’t help but fall in love with Mango Allsorts  – the karate kicking, clarinet playing girl, good at all sorts of things – who might just have felt a little lonely had a certain Not-a-Pig turned up. And as for Bambang, he has the level of charm of a certain marmalade loving bear!

The artwork

With its palette of three colours Clara Vulliamy’s pictures are a complete delight. Funny, touching and wonderfully expressive as the two friends navigate the inevitable mayhem.

The busy city world

Conjured so wonderfully by Polly and illustrated by Clara. It’s so full of charming detail that we feel completely at home with them.

The humour

Beware if like us you choose it as a tea-time read because when coming across a tapir in a swimming hat, or sliding down the banister, or trying desperately to get ‘uncollected’, we found that laughter and food is not always the best combination!

The heart

Because from the very first pages we care. We care that Bambang is terrified of running into a tiger, and that Mango needs to fill her days alongside her very busy father. And I will admit to not just a tear in my eye in the final story but the ‘wetter, hiccupy, messy sort’ – when the strength of their friendship is shown so beautifully.

And the best news of all? There are two more books coming this year – the first one in March, so not long to wait at all – and another in 2017.

This is a book to really treasure. I can always tell when a book has that special something when my two boys continue quoting from it long after we finish reading! Oh, and one of them has taken it to bed to read and cuddle up with too!

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