World Book Day – 3 March 2016

It’s World Book Day!   

A whole day about books! I know most of my days are taken up with books, but hey, when everyone else joins in how much more fun is it?!

So in honour of World Book Day we (me & my two sons – 11 and 8)  have had lots of bookish fun this afternoon.

In between shopping deliveries, homework and piano lessons we enjoyed our pop-up library, shared stories, watched videos on the great WBD site, wracked our brains in my Book Quiz and played my Name That Book game – most of which they guessed on the first word! But I did manage to catch them out a couple of times and it was interesting to hear their alternatives. For one, I gave them ‘Envelope’ – I was going for Flat Stanley, but youngest offered Jolly Postman until we got to the second word of ‘Kite’ (where his guess changed to Mary Poppins) and third word ‘Boy’ finally gave the game away.

Anyway thought I’d include my youngest son’s answers to my Book Quiz – good to see that both boys were categorical about the question of gender in main characters!


N B – ‘Abdolar’ – refers to the main character in Dianna Wynne Jones’ ‘Castle in the Air’. ‘Full, Full, Full of Love’ is the wonderful picture book by Trish Cooke, illustrated by Paul Howard.

Hope everyone has had a brilliant day celebrating BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS!

Here’s 8 year old at Norwich castle enjoying the fantastic How To Train Your Dragon exhibition last Saturday! And me getting in on the action as Camicazi!


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