I’m a UK-based children’s author, represented by Jo Williamson at the Antony Harwood Literary Agency. My first book, ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’, will be published by Piccadilly Press in Spring 2018, to be followed by two more titles.

I grew up on the Essex coast and spent most of my time sailing dinghies across wild and foaming seas, landing on uninhabited islands and narrowly missing vast frigates and sunken wrecks. When I wasn’t on the water I could often be found on the roof of our house* or the soft carpety floor of my bedroom making up stories and writing books, poetry and nonsense.

After taking twenty years off to go to college, do a PGCE, teach English and become a Campaigns Officer for Oxfam, I’ve finally found my way back to the carpet and my scribbling. Thank Heavens for that!

This blog is for anyone like me who is trying to write and sometimes needs a bit of encouragement, some inspiration, a reminder that we are not alone in this peculiar world of writing and that we are definitely not the first or only ones to be going AAARRRGGGGGGHHHHHH on a regular basis. As far as I can tell writers spend a good deal of time doing that particular thing.

* Please don’t try this yourself, like many things in the 80’s it should probably be left well alone.

Things I like:

Books, jelly snakes, boats, ducks, eating Norfolk ice cream, lying on grass in the sun, swimming in the sea, gherkins

Things I don’t like:

Rhubarb, tiny print, my dog’s tea-time slobber

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