Debut – Middle grade trilogy

The Boy Who Grew Dragons

Book One of the The Boy Who Grew Dragons trilogy will be published by Piccadilly Press in June 2018. With The Boy Who Lived With Dragons and The Boy Who Flew With Dragons following soon after.


I’ve also written seven picture books (which are patiently waiting for that elusive creature ‘The Publisher’ ) and am currently editing two middle grade novels – ‘Phoenix Fire’ and ‘Haunted Doves’.

Middle grade

Haunted Doves

Jo Dove is haunted by the ghost of the boy she left to drown. And now she’s been dumped with grandparents she’s never met, on a farm surrounded by water – her greatest fear. Worse still, Daniel’s ghost has followed her. On her first night at Dove’s Farm she sees a light at the top of the old mill, and soon discovers that she’s not the only one in her family who is haunted. When Jo finally discovers the truth about the light in the mill, it unearths family secrets that have remained buried for over sixty years.

Phoenix Fire

Hatching a phoenix egg requires fiery self-belief, but how can Davy have that when he can’t even speak up to the bullies who make his life a misery?

As he flees from Matthew Cane and his cronies, Davy stumbles into the garden of the cantankerous Mrs Barker, only to discover it holds as many secrets as the old woman’s own mysterious past. Does the egg she has spent her life protecting really come from a phoenix? And will the strange animal sculptures that come to life in the garden help or hinder him? The beautiful jeweled bug seems to be his friend but the hulking shape of the Komodo dragon, lurking at the edges of the garden, terrifies him and the vast metallic spider begins to haunt his dreams.

As Davy is drawn into Mrs Barker’s obsessive quest to hatch the Phoenix egg,  he begins to gain in self-confidence and speak up for what he believes in – that is until Matthew Cane smashes the egg right in front of him.  This is the story of Davy’s struggle to find within himself the fiery self-belief he needs to unleash the magic of the Phoenix.

Picture Books

Lizzie May Goes Wild

What do you do with an unexpected giraffe?

Lizzie May is an ordinary little girl with an extraordinary menagerie. She is very good at finding animals and they are very good at finding her but her dad thinks that 32 is quite enough. So when she finds a giraffe sitting at the bottom of her garden, she has to hide it – and the wallaby of course – and don’t even mention the rhino!

But things don’t go smoothly for long..

Lizzie May Needs a Holiday

Lizzie May really needs a holiday – but finding one that works for hamsters, rabbits, cats, dogs AND humans is never going to be easy.

Lizzie May and the Manky Monkeys 

When Lizzie May and the animals visit the safari park it’s not just a few small souvenirs they bring home. But how will Lizzie May manage the manky monkey mayhem ?

Tomas and His Dragon

Tomas wants a dragon, not a gerbil, not a fish and certainly NOT a longhaired guinea pig. When he gets a postcard from his Uncle it seems his wish may finally be coming true. But will it be everything he has been hoping for?

As the day arrives, Tomas finds that even if you don’t get exactly what you’re hoping for sometimes it can be even better.

The Rainy Day Hippo

Lucy hates the rain, there’s nothing to do and everyone is miserable. But all that changes when one day she has an unexpected visitor.

When The Circus Came

Pete’s street is pretty normal. Until the circus arrives in town.

Well, what would you do if the circus moved in next door to you?

Dilly Dally Dilys

Dilys is a duckling who is just too shy to join in with the other ducks. But everything changes when a new bird comes to the pond who is tall and pink, eats with his head upside down and honks in all the wrong places.



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