Lil’s Sweetshop

There’s a shop at the top of our road called Lil’s
Which has shelves stacked with sweets under the tills
There are twisty red laces
And round candy faces
Sherbert and fizz bombs
And dark chocolate bon bons.

And sometimes when I am sitting in class
I imagine I’m there, nose pressed to the glass.

(Based on a true story)

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Image by EEPaul

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Who Am I ?

On Monday I pretend to be
A pirate who’s been wrecked at sea.

On Tuesday I am spiderman
Shooting webs to foil their plan.

On Wednesday I am Doctor Who
Telling Daleks what to do.

On Thursday I go undercover
Detecting clues about my brother.

On Friday with my Wizard’s wand
I pull a Princess from a pond.

On Saturday I am a knight
Wounded by a dragon fight.

On Sunday I am very good
All dressed in green as Robin Hood.

And then I can’t think who to be
And so I think I’ll just be me.


So the kids have gone off to school as Puss in Boots and Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third – for World Book Week. I love their inventiveness when it comes to dressing up.

We don’t have many actual costumes but we do have a fantastic dressing up box. I love the fact that smallest son’s tail was a furry snake and he had a panama hat and his friend’s sparkly wellies and yet none of this detracted from his utter confidence that he was indeed the great and wonderful Puss. They are always dressed up as something – I can’t think where they get it.

And then I found this photo of me…

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A 50-word story

Today I listened to the latest teleclass ( at the Big Writing School ). Suzy was talking through the steps of creating a piece of writing and suggested we wrote a 50 word story to practise the points.

I have always liked Haiku and the challenge of trying to capture something in such a short form, so when she suggested this I thought I’d have a go.

You can see some examples of the mini sagas here on The Telegraph site. It’s quite amazing what people have done.

I’m not sure if this is on point but it’s 50 words. I think I might try this more often though, definitely gets the creative juices flowing.

Here’s my first attempt anyway.

When you’re right you’re right – Except when you are so very wrong.

‘You know I’m right,’ she said.
Words rage inside me like warring birds.
‘You know that.’
Pecking each other’s eyes.
‘You’ll see I am.’
Blood and feathers falling everywhere.
Until one bird finds a gap. Flies out.
‘Enough,’ I cry.
And the rest follow into a wide blue open sky.

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