What Mammoths can teach us about creativity

These were designed and made for me by my smallest son. I love how inventive kids are! He has also attempted roller skates by tying felt tip pens to his feet with string. That was less successful but he is undeterred.

It reminds me of a picture book I love called ‘Me and My Mammoth’ by Joel Stewart.

It’s all about a little boy who loves to invent and make things but they never quite turn out right. So he buys a kit – to make an aeroplane. Only instead of an aeroplane he ends up with a very big, very hairy mammoth! Who can fly! It’s a fabulous book and I just love the unexpected jump from starting to make one thing and ending up with something so spectacularly and wonderfully different. Something that then takes him on a fantastic adventure.

I see my two boys doing it all the time.

So what have I learned from a mammoth and my boys’ inventiveness?

If I’m making stuff up and at first it doesn’t look like I thought it would, don’t be discouraged, don’t give up on it – because what comes out instead might just take me off on a whole new adventure!

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