Everything is Beautiful When You Don’t Look Down

We spent Sunday on the South Bank. I love the view along there with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament it really is fantastic. But I love the fact that everywhere you go there are interesting views – not just the big sights but juxtapositions of the old and new, the busy and the tranquil.

This was on the back of the Hayward Gallery. It’s called ‘Everything is Beautiful When You Don’t Look Down’ and was built by the arts collective Robots. It was all built from recycled and reclaimed materials and made with help from the children at the Oasis Children’s Venture.


I just love it and the fact you have to look up to see these things as you are wandering along. It reminded me that I have to keep looking up to get where I want to be.

If I don’t look up I could miss seeing someone (or something) that might be right there waiting to help me. If all I do is look down and cling to my tiny bit of wall I might never move.  I also like that to be helped you have to let go of the wall long enough to take their hand.

And that can be a very scary and a very brave thing to do.

To let go.


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