So it’s been a while. First I told myself it was Xmas, then I told myself I was just part of the ‘Slow Blog movement’ (which incidentally I do subscribe to, I have just taken it a step too far and joined the newly created ‘No Blogging movement’). Then it was New Year and I had to come up with something great to start 2013, didn’t I? I mean I needed to come in with a bang and inspire, amaze and knock the world’s socks off. So I kept telling myself I was just waiting for that spark to come along and when it did the blog would be back on track. Except it’s nearly the end of January and I still haven’t written a blog.

On the Big Writing Club Suzy Greaves sent us this great essay by Scott Burkun. His website is a gold mine, definitely worth checking out, and he’s absolutely right. It’s not the fear of writing this blog it’s the fear of writing something decent that is stopping me. So I am going to give myself permission to just write some posts. Just write something. I mean no one is reading this yet anyway!

His first piece of advice is start with a word.

Hence the title.

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