Why I wish I could forget Stonebird by Mike Revell

I am reading so many great books at the moment, and there are more stacking up clamouring to be read. I sometimes wish I could read with both eyes, one on each book. Think how many more I could get through! But then sometimes a book comes along that makes me glad I can’t, because it’s a book you want to keep both eyes firmly focused on.

Stonebird by Mike Revell is one of those.

It reminded me of one of my all time favourite books, Skellig. And like Skellig it was a book I wish I could forget I’d read – just so I could go back and have the pleasure of reading it all over again!

From the first pages I didn’t want to be doing anything else except curling up with it. It’s a beautifully told story where magic weaves effortlessly through the everyday. Revell writes so poignantly about the power of story and memory and the effects that an illness like dementia has on people. Told in the first person, Revell really captures the voice of  Liam and expertly conveys how the move, his grandmother’s illness and his mum’s drinking feels to an 11 year old.

From the moment Liam stumbles across Stonebird in the Church I knew I was in a for a treat.

A stunning debut from Mike Revell and one to watch in 2015 for sure.


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  • Elizabeth Dunn says:

    Right,I’m getting this.I loved Skellig too. PS Your poems in the post below are wonderful. So much talent.

  • andreashepherd says:

    I really loved it, and would definitely recommend : ) Thanks so much for the comment about the poems – it’s usually just the family who hear them but I decided to brave!

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